Patented ‘Crystal Beach’

Patented ‘Crystal Beach’ offers the opportunity to open or close the complete aftdeck at the touch of a button. Patented ‘Crystal Beach’ is completely invisible when not in use Patented ‘Crystal Beach’ offers swimmimg between icebergs or in extremely hot climates in a conditioned environment.

’Dumptank Eliminating Poolfloor Patend’ consist of inflatable sealing of the poolfloor when in (flush) deck-level position. After topping off with fresh water and keeping a constant small overpressure, the free surface effect is eliminated and the pool turns into a massive block of ballast weight.


  • ’DEPP’ offers the opportunity to make any swimming pool double-function as dump tank as well
  • ’DEPP’ makes a pool possible on a relatively small yacht
  • ’DEPP’ pool can be used at the touch of a button
  • ’DEPP’ requires no lengthy pumping of fresh water from dump-tank into pool
  • ’DEPP’ makes swimming possible in approx. 5 minutes after arrival in port or in a bay
  • ’DEPP’ pool eliminates trimming effects which occur when dump tank is not straight under swimming pool, since ’DEPP’ pool contains and conditions pool water always in the same longitudinal position