Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture

Van Oossanen Naval Architecture:

excellence in performance

For more than 20 years Van Oossanen Naval Architecture has been involved in the naval architecture of yachts. As members of half a dozen America’s Cup design teams and due to our continuous work on motor yachts, we have developed cutting edge design technology and used that technology in hundreds of designs.

Through intensive research projects, we know and understand the physical principles of an optimal design, as well as the driving features of performance in each new concept. Together with our practical experiences on the water, this enables us to make important decisions in all design stages and meet all requirements in the design.

Our innovative Hull Forms, like the patented Fast Displacement Hull Form as used in our projects with Cor D. Rover Design, guarantee optimal performance at all speeds and create more interior space. After delivery, you can count on us for high quality lifetime services to maintain your yacht up-to-date with the Registers.

That’s what we sign for: Performance at its best.

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