Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Our Exterior design is mainly created with freedom and luxury in mind. Lounging is part of our design philosophy. To be on the sea is special, because you can enjoy nature and can live in an exclusive way. You will experience the feeling of freedom while lounging around your pool and enjoy the company of family and friends which will give you that extra special moments. Creating a relaxed atmosphere is a very important part of our designs. This allows you to experience the interconnection between life, nature and comfort.

Safety is the most important part of our design philosophy. We will create the perfect combination between excellent seakeeping and freedom in a personalised style with comfort on board. Throughout the process we will always keep in mind that we make a design of a moving object which should be safe for all users under the most extreme circumstances.

Our 25 years experience of craftsmanship and shipbuilding engineering is the basis for all our designs, both exterior design and interior yacht design.

Feeling good is the third part of our design philosophy which you will find in every part of our work. It is a symbiosis between happiness and practical use. It will inspire you with a smile on your face. Each part of the design should contribute to a good feeling for you as an owner, for the guests and the crew. With that we create special moments in life that will give you unforgettable memories.

Let us help you to give your thoughts and feelings a design and philosophize together about all the possibilities. ‘Together we try to rediscover what never existed’

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