Concept Yachting 3.0

Concept yachting 3.0

The concept of the Cor D Rover Tender 28 is the result of the ambition of our studio to develop a Tender in which you will have the same experience as with our designed mega yachts. With this product, we introduce our concept of Yachting 3.0. The philosophy behind this concept is pure enjoyment of yachting while going from restaurant to restaurant and from hotel to hotel with your matching Cor D Rover suitcase. Meanwhile, you experience freedom and you can enjoy all the pleasures of yachting.

Easy enjoying luxury yachting

The Tender 28 is easy to use for both experienced and non-experienced owners. This Tender is designed for people who enjoy luxury yachting, lounging, well-being, comfort and have the desire to have an easy to use tender boat which they can use all around the world. In case they would like to use it on another continent, the Tender can be easily transported in a container or on a trailer at very low cost.

To achieve this level of experience we have developed a special Tender in which many similarities can be found as in the auto mobile industry; such as the electronic cockpit with the glass screen and all integrated systems. This Tender has an absolute minimum of noise level, which gives you the experience of a mega yacht with enough power to cruise from 25 to more than 30 knots. The low fuel consumption figures are unprecedented. The Tender also has an active stabilization system, which offers an extra safe and special experience above 15 knots while enjoying the high speed. There is a Wi-Fi system on board to stream music or to be connected with the world around you.

Our main features, including optional items which potential owners must know:

  • Designed and built by Cor D Rover, The Netherlands
  • A hull which is vacuum reinforced for maximum strength and safety
  • Glass cockpit with integrated systems such as navigation charts and autopilot
  • Electronic throttle system
  • Power steering
  • Active stabilization system
  • Electric toilet
  • Handmade high quality upholstery with Cor D Rover logo
  • Real teak deck
  • Swim platform with integrated swimming ladder
  • Battery management system with remote control for maximum comfort
  • Underwater lighting
  • Inboard lighting
  • Bow and stern thruster with joystick
  • Outside shower with clean water
  • Electric anchor system on bow
  • Cover in Porsche quality
  • Fridge
  • Sound system
  • Wi-Fi possibility
  • A set of Cor D Rover custom made suitcases