About us

About us

‘I try to rediscover what never existed’

Cor D. Rover is a Dutch design studio specialised in styling of large motor yachts. Together with my team I search for new ways to give every yacht the exclusive appearance that satisfies the wishes of my clients. With lines that are unique but recognizable, not exaggerated but surprising. Lines that are beautiful today and will be tomorrow. In other words, reflections of your intentions. In our vision you can only achieve these results with a strong interaction between client and designer. t’s a search for timeless beauty. With respect for both classic lines as well as modern shipbuilding-techniques, together we will search for that single style that makes it to what it eventually will be: Your Yacht!

How we work

From dream to reality

For more than 20 years we design and build large motor yachts in collaboration with shipyards around the world. In those years we experienced the importance of interaction between client, shipyard and designer. Although the pencil still is the ideal tool for the first creative sessions, our powerful computer systems are really indispensable. As soon as you have approved the sketch design we will, in an early stage, produce 2 dimensional CAD plans and 3 dimensional computer animations giving you realistic visuals of both the exterior as well as  the interior of your yacht. Equally, the shipyard receives solid building information enabling realistic pricing and avoiding surprises during construction.

We will always work-out the design in 3d computer models. To our experience this is the only intelligent tool for you to judge the style and proportions of your yacht. Combined with interior-sketches, colour-proposals and material-selections you will get a realistic impression of the spaces already in an early stage. When necessary we offer a wide range of alternatives to choose the solution that works best for you. Optionally we can offer you a virtual-reality walk-through animation showing you the eventual reality even before the contract is signed. During construction we remain involved in the execution of the design. Through shipyard visits we support the yard in the realisation of your yacht and continue to communicate with you, even after delivery, to make sure your yacht answers your expectations.


In the development of our designs we strive to create products that are the best in every way, including the area of environment and surroundings. At the establishment of our designs, they should be beautiful but also cleaner, safer and more economical.For example, we make use of an underwater ship that is much more efficient (up to 30 %) and we prescribe materials for which we explicitly look at the burden for people and the environment.

We see it as our mission to ensure that we contribute to the conservation of all the beauty that our planet has to offer. For us this begins at the start of the design process, by thinking about everything we prescribe.

To achieve this we have already worked for decades, very intensively on the possibilities to reduce the impact of our business and our products on the environment to a minimum. Beauty in combination with respect for the environment and those who ensure that it is made possible to produce our products is a necessary challenge.Without the correct interpretation of this there is no future for us and our children.

In association with

Cor D Rover
Yacht Designer

Jan van der Pas
Concept Design & Marketing

Patrick Wiersma
Visualising & Multimedia

Nicole Schinkelshoek
Interior Design & Decoration

Sean Bekeschus
Exterior & Interior Design



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